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Carlsbad Brewing Co.

Brewery in the heart of Bressi Ranch Carlsbad

Carlsbad Brewing Co. "120 Days to Helles" image

Carlsbad Brewing Co. "120 Days to Helles"

A traditional style German Helles, with ingredients all sourced from Germany. Very crisp with subtle notes of slight malt sweetness with a full round body profile.

Carlsbad Brewing Co. "Beach Bums Blonde" image

Carlsbad Brewing Co. "Beach Bums Blonde"

A traditional American style blonde ale with notes of honey nut cheerios and malty sweetness.

Carlsbad Brewing Co. "By the Sea"  image

Carlsbad Brewing Co. "By the Sea"

PALE ALE | 5.5%
A San Diego style Pale ale that is brewed with only Citra hops. This beer gets double dry hopped for an explosion of sweet fruit and melon like flavor from the aroma. It finishes clean, and dry with a mild bitterness that compliments the flavor nicely.

Carlsbad Brewing Co. "Famosa Raceway"  image

Carlsbad Brewing Co. "Famosa Raceway"

A true to style West Coast IPA, that features all the heavy hitters: Mosaic, Citra, Simcoe, and Strata. Flavors of candied fruit, melon, and berries are cascading through those sudsy bubbles with each sip.

Carlsbad Brewing Co. "Blonde Kettle Sour with Blueberries" image

Carlsbad Brewing Co. "Blonde Kettle Sour with Blueberries"

A kettle sour brewed with locally sourced blueberries. The sweetness of the blueberries compliments the tart finish for a nice rounded profile.

Carlsbad Brewing Co. "Blonde Kettle Sour with Cherries" image

Carlsbad Brewing Co. "Blonde Kettle Sour with Cherries"

A kettle sour brewed with locally sourced champagne cherries. The sweetness of the cherries compliments the tart finish for a nice rounded profile.

Carlsbad Brewing Co. "Kettle Sour Blonde with Strawberries" image

Carlsbad Brewing Co. "Kettle Sour Blonde with Strawberries"

A kettle sour brewed with locally sourced strawberries. The sweetness of the strawberries compliments the tart finish for a nice rounded profile.

Carlsbad Brewing Co. "Strawberry Blonde" image

Carlsbad Brewing Co. "Strawberry Blonde"

Strawberry Blonde uses locally sourced Carlsbad strawberries which are added after fermentation for an explosion of strawberry flavor. This beer ends with a slight honey malt sweetness to round out its crisp profile. A perfect warm weather option.

Carlsbad Brewing Co. "Smashin' Mosaic" image

Carlsbad Brewing Co. "Smashin' Mosaic"

Features Mosaic hops and Pilsner malt. This beer has an astounding bouquet of citrus, and berry. The smooth complexity of this beer is balanced by a very subtle dank bitterness on the end. An ideal companion for grilled meats or zesty salads.

Carlsbad Brewing Co. "Twilight Ride" image

Carlsbad Brewing Co. "Twilight Ride"

A German style dark lager, layered delicately with a variety of German roasted malts. Aroma has notes of espresso and dark chocolate. Extremely smooth profile balances richness of the roasted malts. Light in body and full of flavor.

Carlsbad Brewing Co. "Now You See Me Now You Don't" image

Carlsbad Brewing Co. "Now You See Me Now You Don't"

A New Zealand style pilsner that features Rakau. Rakau is a New Zealand style noble hop with mild tropical fruit notes, and floral-like aroma. Very light body, with crisp and subtle bite on the end to give it that classic dry pilsner finish.

Carlsbad Brewing Co. "Smashin Citra" image

Carlsbad Brewing Co. "Smashin Citra"

A smash IPA with pilsner malt and Citra hops. This beer explodes with sweet fruit and melon aromas. This beer has an exceptionally bright color and light body. An ideal companion for spicy dishes or grilled seafood.

Carlsbad Brewing Co. "Smashin' Strata" image

Carlsbad Brewing Co. "Smashin' Strata"

A blend of tropical fruit, dank, and herbal aromas. A satisfying and well-rounded finish. The intricate flavor profile boasts layers of passion fruit, citrus zest, and subtle pine. An excellent match for spicy dishes or bold-flavored cuisines.

Carlsbad Brewing Co. Hoppin' with Homies image

Carlsbad Brewing Co. Hoppin' with Homies

IPA | 7.7% ABV
A West Coast IPA brewed with Phantasm infused New Zealand Hops. Phantasm is a brewing innovation used during fermentation to unlock massive notes of tropical fruit, fresh berries, and grapefruit. This beer starts with plenty of flavor and finishes with that nice dank and dry iconic finish you want in a West Coast IPA. Collab with Knee Deep Brewing

Territorial Vineyards

2021 Willamette Valley Pinot Gris image

2021 Willamette Valley Pinot Gris

Delightful aromas of peach and lilac with white pear and guava. In the mouth, the wine comes around with nutmeg and flinty mineral tones that rise up from the center and linger. A seductive oiliness brings a nice bit of upholstery before an elegant complex of acids cleanses the palate with a crisp, crystalline finish. Harvested September 15, 22, and 25, 2021 from Equinox, Soaring Estate, and Mary’s Peak Vineyards.

2019 Equinox Vineyard Riesling image

2019 Equinox Vineyard Riesling

Exploding with aromas of peach and apricot. Vinous in the mouth with orange peel, spice and orange candy notes. A drying finish is helped along with a hint of spritz at the end. This wine is one for the ages and shows the depth of 30 year old vines. Harvested October 11, 2019 from Equinox Vineyard.

2017 Silver Willamette Valley Pinot Noir image

2017 Silver Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

Aromatics of French oak, briar and toast. Vibrant notes of cherry, strawberry and spice. A mouthwatering finish with fine tannins and a palate-cleansing acidity. Sourced exclusively from estate-owned and estate managed vineyards. Harvested October 6, 9 and 14, 2017.

2021 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir image

2021 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

Flashy and pretty with spice-dominant aromatics featuring pepper and cedar. In the mouth, a deep and saturated core of blackberry and cherry are elevated with notes of coffee bean. At once bright and creamy this gorgeously structured pinot shows the elegance and depth of the 2021 vintage. Pinot Noir clones 113, 115, Pommard, and Wädenswil sourced from estate owned and estate managed vineyards in the southern Willamette Valley. Harvested September 21, 26, and 30, 2021.

Kasteel Brouwerij Vanhonsebrouck

The most modern, state of the art Independent brewery in Belgium. Started in 1811!

Kasteel Wit image

Kasteel Wit

A fresh wheat beer offering an aroma of citrus notes and freshly grated ginger. The taste is superbly balanced between the zesty citrus, spicy ginger and biscuity maltiness. The harmonious blend of sweet, sour and spicy flavors is topped with coriander and lemongrass for a crisp, dry and refreshing finish. A popular, crowd-pleasing beer. 4.8%abv

Kasteel Rubus image

Kasteel Rubus

A full-bodied beer with a delicately pearling light pink head. While the ripe raspberries tickle all the senses, a slightly malty undertone appears in the nose. The flavor is a perfect balance of sweet ripe fruits and slightly bitter undertones. The fruity finish makes the beer easy to drink for the sweeter fruit beer or cider lover. 7%abv

Kasteel Rouge image

Kasteel Rouge

A strong, easy to drink fruit beer brewed with sweet cherries. The aroma of oblacinska cherries mingles perfectly with hints of caramel, toffee and malt. While enjoying a velvety smooth mouthfeel, a subtle tartness balances out the sweetness of cherries, adding depth and complexity to each sip. The fruity finish makes the beer easy to drink for the sweeter fruit beer or cider lover. 8%abv

Kasteel Donker image

Kasteel Donker

A dark beer with a tan head that lingers to take a first sip. Aromas of caramel, toffee, raisins and figs appear in the nose, while the roasted malts create a complex flavor profile that is both bold, smooth and sweet. The depth of flavors and the long finish make Kasteel Donker a beer to be savored and ages beautifully. 11%abv

Filou image


Belgian Strong Blonde. The subtle herbal aromas and slightly sweet palette of flavors catapult you to the world of Belgian Blondes. 8.5%ABV

St. Louis Premium “Framboise” image

St. Louis Premium “Framboise”

Belgian Framboise, a traditional gueuze lambiek with Willamette Raspberries. 2.5%

Jk's Farmhouse Ciders

Grown, Fermented, and Bottled in Flushing, Michigan. All Natural, Gluten Free, Sorbate Free, Sulfite Free, Certified Kosher

"Honeycrisp Haze"  image

"Honeycrisp Haze"

Tart Single Varietal with Wild Yeast. One apple varietal is showcased to celebrate its character and the cider it produces with only the native yeast on its skin- nothing added and nothing taken away. The process creates a voluptuous, bright, yet ‘hazy’ cider and highlights the natural acids and tannins for a clean, dry finish.

"Patriotic Paw Paw"  image

"Patriotic Paw Paw"

Apple Cider with Paw Paw, Blood Orange & Basil. The paw paw is Americaʼs forgotten fruit! George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Lewis and Clark are just a few of our patriots that fell in love with the many tropical flavors of this fruit. You too can experience the same unique flavor of the paw paw, that when combined with Scrumpy Hard Cider, a little blood orange, and basil, blooms a complexity of flavors that has no equal.

"Scrumpy" Organic Apple Farm Cider image

"Scrumpy" Organic Apple Farm Cider

Slowly fermented from organic apples and natural yeast. The apples are 100% grown in the Michigan orchards. This cider saved the farm during the Great Depression. Fresh, juicy apple aroma and crisp clean finish.

"The Pair"  image

"The Pair"

Sweet Organic Apple & Pear Cider. Pear and apple are two botanically similar fruits: however, each fruit provides a different eating experience. At Almar Orchards, they have taken these two fruits (which have been organically grown on their farm), blended their juices to perfection and then fermented that juice with our own natural yeast. The result is a pleasantly sweet drink, almost a nectar, where the tiny bubbles sing and praise the perfect pairing.

"Traverse City Cherry"  image

"Traverse City Cherry"

Organic Apple Cider with Tart Cherries. At Almar Orchards, they have carefully paired their own Michigan organic apples together with Traverse City tart cherries to create a balanced cider full of flavor and color, so that you too may enjoy the taste of Michigan.

"Winterruption"  image


Lightly spiced cider with maple syrup, ethically traded cinnamon, vanilla and maple syrup.

"Smackin' Mac"  image

"Smackin' Mac"

Organic, single varietal apple cider with wild yeast. This cider contains something truly remarkable; a single varietal McIntosh Hard Cider. The organic McIntosh apples are picked at both peak ripeness and slightly green to add that lip-smackin' tartness that will always bring you back for more. Here at Almar Orchards, four generations of family have been growing McIntosh apples and offering them for others to enjoy as fresh apples and in fresh, sweet cider. We are now proud to be able to offer them in a perfectly balanced hard cider that encompasses their characteristic sweet, tangy and juicy flavor.

"Northern Neighbour"  image

"Northern Neighbour"

Apple Cider & Wild Saskatoon Berries. A collaboration with our neighbours to the North has resulted in this blend of Michigan Apples and Saskatchewan Saskatoons. The Saskatoon is a small prairie berry that gives our apples a smooth and lush taste with a bite of
tartness at the finish. Gathered by JK from family orchards in Michigan and Saskkatchewan, this natural cider has been carefully fermented here at the farm
using our traditional methods. This deep-bodied, rich magenta-hued cider is a drink that just like friendship, knows no borders.


Timmermans, the world's oldest lambic brewery, has kept the tradition of the true lambic alive for over 300 years now. At its origin is a miracle: micro-organisms in the air of the Senne valley end up in the wort and cause spontaneous fermentation. The lambics age for 1 to 3 years in wood barrels to be then blended with other lambics or fruits.

Timmermans Lambicus Blanche image

Timmermans Lambicus Blanche

Belgian White Lambic | 4.5%abv
The White Lambicus is unique. It is a blend of Lambic and malted wheat beer, to which spices such as coriander and dried orange peels are added. Its scent is reminiscent of freshly cut wheat, enhanced by spicy notes. Its slight tartness balances perfectly with its fruity notes. It’s an incredibly refreshing beer, perfect for Southern California.

Timmermans Faro image

Timmermans Faro

Belgian Lambic with Candied Sugar | 4%abv
Faro is one of the most historical beers of Belgium and is obtained by adding sugar-candy to Lambic beer. The sweetness of the candy sugar and the acidity of the lambic is a very nice balance. Its scent is sweet and light, hinting at a slight expression of Lambic. It has a clear golden-amber colour topped by a dense and creamy foam.

Timmermans Kriek image

Timmermans Kriek

Lambic with Sweet Cherries | 4%abv
Authentic cherry lambic. A nice balance between the fruity notes of the cherries and the subtle acidity of a young lambic of the world’s oldest lambic brewery. After one year of maturation of the lambic in oak barrels, 100% natural cherry juice is added to lambic beer. A beautiful red shade.

Timmermans Framboise image

Timmermans Framboise

Lambic with Sweet Raspberries | 4.0%abv
Authentic raspberry lambic. A nice balance between the fruity notes of the raspberries and the subtle acidity of a young lambic of the world’s oldest lambic brewery. After one year of maturation of the lambic in oak barrels, 100% natural raspberry juice is added to lambic. A beautiful pink shade.

Timmermans "Bourgogne des Flandres"  image

Timmermans "Bourgogne des Flandres"

Belgian Oude Bruin | 5.0%
This lambic has aged for over eight months in wooden barrels. The result is a red-brown color with a low alcohol content and a very rich finish. Sweet, sour and soft notes of fruit and hints of roasted caramel.

Timmermans "Kriek Black Pepper" Lambicus   image

Timmermans "Kriek Black Pepper" Lambicus

Lambic with Cherries & light black pepper | 5% abv

Timmermans "Pêche Cardamome Lambicus" image

Timmermans "Pêche Cardamome Lambicus"

Lambic with Peach & Cardamom | 4% abv


A digestive with herbs from 43 countries. Underberg is probably the most famous bitter in the world.

Underberg! image


Unwrapped with pleasure, after a good meal, worldwide. Simple ingredients, complex character. Explore the herbal flavor of Underberg, the Rheinberg herbal digestive enjoyed for 175 years.

Galipette Cider - Pleudihen sur Rance, France

Galipette stems from a long tradition of French cider making. Its apple cooperative is the oldest of its kind in France and brings together hundreds of apple growers across Brittany and Normandy. The members grow and harvest the highest quality cider apples with passion for their craft and a love for their terroir, as these families have done for generations.

Galipette "Brut Cidre" image

Galipette "Brut Cidre"

French Dry Cider | 4.5%abv
Delightfully dry to medium-dry, it strikes a perfect balance between acidity and tannins, dryness and sweetness, and between ciders old and new. The unique assemblage balances all four styles of cider apple: bitter, bitter-sweet, sweet, and sharp, in varieties such as Marie Ménard, Kermerrien and Judor. They come from traditional apple orchards near the river Rance in northern Brittany’s Côtes-d’Armor; this is a cider true to its roots, and ours. Slow fermented for medium strength, it has a lovely harmony of earthy aromas and vibrant tastes

Galipette "Biologique Cidre" image

Galipette "Biologique Cidre"

Organic French Cider | 4.0%abv
An organic cuvée, made from 100% organic cider apples. It has a wildflower character that naturally varies with the seasons in authentic organic style. The assemblage majors on bitter-sweet apples with just a hint of sweet varieties, such as Carting, Sweet Moen and Belle Fille de la Manche, all native to the centuries-old orchards of Normandy. Light fermentation preserves the natural floral aromas and yields a lower alcohol level. Sweeter on the nose and true to the Normandy style of cider.

Westons Cider - Herefordshire Countryside, England

Henry Weston began cider making at the family farm in Herefordshire, England, back in 1880. He farmed the land and began producing ciders and perries by using fruit grown from his own orchards. Henry passed his cider making skills down through the generations and Westons Cider is still independently-owned and managed by a fourth generation female family member.

Westons "Stowford Press"  image

Westons "Stowford Press"

Medium Dry English Apple Cider | 4.5%abv
Award-winning refreshing cider, bursting with the delicious flavor of crisp cider apples. With its bright and luminous appearance and cider fruit aroma, this medium dry sparkling cider has the perfect amount of sweetness that keeps you coming back for more.

Cascade Brewing

Chêne des Fous  image

Chêne des Fous

Barrel Aged Triple Ale with Sumac, Apricots & American Oak Chains | 8.4%abv
Collaboration with Burial Beer. Chêne des Fous, meaning “Oak of the Fools,” is a blend of sour triple ales aged for up to 18 months in French oak barrels with dried sumac, fresh apricots and toasted American oak chains. Intense oak flavors are met with savory lemon and dried fruit notes from the sumac and a subtle stone fruit aroma.

Coastal Gose  image

Coastal Gose

Barrel Aged Wheat Ale with Sea Salt & Coriander | 7.3%abv
This interpretation of the historic Gose beer features sour wheat ales aged in oak barrels with ground coriander seed and sea salt harvested from Oregon’s coastal waters.

Cuveé Du Jongleur image

Cuveé Du Jongleur

Red, Triple & Quad Aged in Oak Casks | 9.4%abv
Select red, triple and quad sour ales aged in oak barrels for up to three years. Juggling a variety of base beers that offer clean and complex flavors through the lactic fermentation process that has come to define Cascade's Northwest Sour Ales.

Harvest Graff  image

Harvest Graff

Barrel Aged Blond & Red Ales Aged in Wine & Bourbon Barrels with Apple Juice & Spices | 8.8%abv
A relatively obscure beer-cider hyrbrid. Harvest Graff is a blend of sour blond and red ales aged in wine and bourbon barrels for up to two years, then naturally fermented with raw juice from Northwest-grown apples and lightly infused with a blend of spices.

Kentucky Peach image

Kentucky Peach

Barrel Aged Wheats & Quads with Peaches | 9.7%abv
Blend of sour wheat and quad ales aged in bourbon and wine barrels for up to 16 months with more than 7,000 lbs of fresh Northwest-grown peaches. Each day, they hand select only the ripest fruit to add to the sour wheat ales that have already been aging for 12+ months. The fruited ales will then age 5 months before blending it with the bourbon barrel-aged quads. This limited project offers flavors of ripe peaches and warm bourbon with hints of oak and a light malt sweetness.

Kriek image


Barrel Aged Red with Cherries | 7.7%abv
Kriek is a blend of sour red ales aged in red wine barrels for up to 17 months with more then 16,000 pounds of fresh Bing and sour pie cherries. Kriek is a must have for any fan of Cascade's northwest sour ales and continues to be a flagship project that represents the soul of their craft.

Primordial Noir image

Primordial Noir

Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Red Ale with Cherries & Spices | 10.5%abv
Primordial Noir is a blend of imperial red ales aged in bourbon and wine barrels for up to two years with Northwest-grown Bing cherries and spices. A concentrated precursor to their Sang Noir project, Primordial Noir features a more robust bourbon and cherry presence with notes of roast malt, molasses and baking spices.

Sang Du Chêne  image

Sang Du Chêne

Blonde & Triple Ales Aged in Oak Casks | 9.6%abv
Sang du Chêne, meaning “blood of the oak,” showcases sour strong blond and triple ales aged in three large format oak casks: foudres, puncheons and hogsheads. Oak influences are the highlight of the Sang du Chêne, providing flavors of toasted sugars, vanilla and spice complemented by the bright acidity and fruity character of the beer.

Valley Flora image

Valley Flora

Barrel Aged Sour Red Ale with Pinot Noir Grapes | 10%abv
Celebrating Northwest regional offerings of craft beer and wine, Valley Flora combines our sour red ale with Willamette Valley-grown Pinot Noir grapes using traditional brewing and winemaking techniques. Through native fruit fermentation and extended oak maturation, Valley Flora expresses notes of dark by a balanced tannic structure and lively acidity.

Vlad the Imp Aler image

Vlad the Imp Aler

Quad And Blonde Ales Aged in Bourbon & Wine Barrels With Orange Peel & Coriander | 11.6%abv
Behold the return of Vlad the Imp Aler, one of the most iconic projects in Cascde's 20-year history of brewing and blending sour beer. A combination of quad and blond ales aged in bourbon and wine barrels for up to two years with orange peel and coriander, Vlad delivers a fresh acidity and light malt sweetness with notes of bourbon, citrus and spice.

Cocoa Cardamom image

Cocoa Cardamom

Barrel Aged Sour Blonde Ale With Cocoa, Cardamom & Orange Zest | 9.8%abv
A blend of sour blond ales aged in oak wine barrels and foudres for up to two years followed by late infusions of Dutch cocoa powder, cardamom seeds and fresh orange zest. From notes of dark chocolate to bright citrus fruit and fragrant cardamom.

Double Dutch image

Double Dutch

Barrel Aged Sour Double Porter With Dutch Cocoa Powder & Vanilla Bean | 9.2%abv
Double Dutch is a blend of sour double porters aged in oak barrels for up to two years with infusions of Dutch cocoa powder and Madagascar vanilla beans. Dark and decadent, this winter blend offers notes of dark chocolate, toasted French oak, dark roasted malt and fresh cut vanilla bean.

Encyclopedia Botanica  image

Encyclopedia Botanica

Barrel Aged Blonde Ale With Elder Flowers, Orange Peel, Juniper Berries, Lavender & Other Spices | 8.7%abv
Features sour blond ale aged in oak wine barrels for up to two years with late infusions of elderflowers, orange peel and our own unique blend of gin botanicals. With an encyclopedic collection of seeds, berries, spices, flowers, and fruit, this cocktail-inspired sour beer blend delivers a comprehensive compendium of flavors from A to Z.

Northwest Flanders image

Northwest Flanders

Flanders Style Red Ale Aged in Oak Barrels & Foudres | 7.1%abv
A tribute to the historic Flanders Red Ales of West Belgium (and a reference to the vibrant NW Flanders Street in downtown Portland), Northwest Flanders is our interpretation of the classic sour beer style that has inspired so many brewers around the world. A blend of sour red ales aged for over two years in oak barrels and foudres, Northwest Flanders captures notes of plum, currant, raisin, fig and spice with hints of oak and roasted malt.

Pear image


Barrel Aged Sour Blonde Ale Fermented With Pear Juice & White Wine Yeast | 6.5.%abv
Features their sour blond ale aged in oak barrels for up to one year followed by a secondary fermentation with Northwest-grown pears. With the help of a white wine yeast strain, this beer showcases delicate aromas of pear, apple cider, and honeydew with a crisp white foam and a tart, refreshing finish.

Roadside Chai image

Roadside Chai

Barrel Aged Sour Red Ale with Chai Spices & Black Tea | 8.5%abv
Features sour red ale aged in oak wine barrels and foudres for up to two years then infused with our own masala chai spice blend. Like the traditional masala chai (meaning “spiced tea”) served from road side stalls across India, this limited release offers flavors of black tea, cinnamon, clove, peppercorns, cardamom, ginger and vanilla complemented by the roasty, dark fruit notes of the base beer.

Sang Rosé  image

Sang Rosé

Barrel Aged Sour Blond Ale Fermented with Pinot Noir Grapes | 8.7%abv
Features Cascade's sour blond ale aged in oak barrels for up to one year followed by a secondary fermentation with Willamette Valley Pinot Noir grapes. Starting with a brilliant light ruby color, this blend opens up with notes of strawberries, watermelon, raspberries and rose petals on the nose. Finishing with enticing cherry flavors, hints of black pepper and a dry, refreshing mouthfeel, Sang Rosé will help you to usher in the warmer months in style.

Cash Nelson image

Cash Nelson

Barrel Aged Sour Ale with Nelson Sauvin & Cashmere Hops | 4.7%abv
This sour golden ale was aged on oak barrels and foudres for up to 10 months then dry-hopped with Cashmere and Nelson Sauvin hops.

Cherry Lime Casc-ade  image

Cherry Lime Casc-ade

Barrel Aged Sour Ale With Montmorency Cherries, Citrus Zest & Vanilla Beans | 5.9%abv
Features Cascade's sour rye ale aged in a foudre for 12 months with Oregon grown Montmorency sour cherries. The blend was then finished with generous amounts of fresh citrus zest and a gentle touch of vanilla bean to complement the delicate and enticing cherry flavor.

Cosmosaic  image


Barrel Aged Sour Blonde Ale with Mosaic Hops | 4.4%abv
Cosmosaic features sour blond ale aged in oak barrels for up to 10 months followed by a late addition of Mosaic hops, bringing hoppy harmony to the cosmic complexity of sour beer.

Gose Roselle  image

Gose Roselle

Barrel Aged Gose Ale with Hibiscus, Meyer Lemon, Coriander & Sat 5%abv
This Gose-style ale was aged in oak barrels for up to 10 months before infusing with roselle hibiscus, fresh Meyer lemon zest, ground coriander and Oregon coast sea salt.

Petite Cranberry  image

Petite Cranberry

Barrel Aged Sour Ale with Cranberries, Orange Peel & Cinnamon | 5.4%abv
Features Cascade's sour wheat and blond ales aged in oak barrels and foudres for 10 months with Pacific Northwest grown cranberries. After delicate infusions of orange peel and cinnamon this blend offers brilliant cranberry fruit flavor with soft spice notes and a clean, refreshing finish.

Ruby Lime image

Ruby Lime

Barrel Aged Sour with Hibiscus & Lime Leaf | 5.5%abv
Ruby Lime features our sour wheat ale aged in oak barrels and foudres for up to 10 months with late infusions of hibiscus tea and lime leaves. Pouring a deep ruby hue, this mild and refreshing sour ale captures notes of pomegranate and cranberry from the hibiscus tea complemented by the lime leaves’ sweet citrus and floral aromas.

Citrus Sage image

Citrus Sage

Barrel Aged Wheat Ale with Sage, Tea, Lemon Peel, Coriander & Salt | 5.3%abv
Features sour wheat ale aged in oak barrels for up to 10 months, then infused with fresh, locally grown sage, white tea, lemon peel, coriander and Oregon coast sea salt.

Fifty Fifty Brewing Co.

CAPA Pale Ale image

CAPA Pale Ale

Fantastic floral aroma, bursting with Citra hop character. Easy drinking, smooth with a nice medium-bodied malt finish.

"Donner Party" Porter image

"Donner Party" Porter

This complex pint’s flavor profile includes hints of oatcakes, molasses, smooth rich dark chocolate, mocha, and espresso. 7.2%ABV

Tahoe American Lager image

Tahoe American Lager

A clear, classic, American Craft Lager.
As light and refreshing as it gets.

Tahoe Pilz image

Tahoe Pilz

A classic Czech Style Pilsner that starts off clean and finishes crisp

Trukee Blonde image

Trukee Blonde

Crisp body, a bright palate, with a nice clean finish. Truckee Blonde is full flavored, with a mild malt character and a light hop presence throughout.

Totality Stout image

Totality Stout

Award winning Imperial Stout, Totality, also serves as the base beer for the internationally acclaimed barrel aged "Eclipse" Series. Rich dark chocolate, mocha, and espresso flavors, and a smooth dreamy finish.

Tahoe IPA image

Tahoe IPA

Crisp, clear, and full of hoppy goodness.

West Coast Haze image

West Coast Haze

A twist on the New England style hazy IPA. Juicy & tropical with Calypso, Azacca, Mosaic, Amarillo and El Dorado hops.

Eclipse: Elijah Craig EC-12 image

Eclipse: Elijah Craig EC-12

Stout aged in Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey barrels.

Eclipse: Frey Ranch Bourbon image

Eclipse: Frey Ranch Bourbon

Bourbon barrel aged stout in Frey Ranch straight bourbon whiskey barrels.

Eclipse: Laws Whisky House Barrel image

Eclipse: Laws Whisky House Barrel

Bourbon barrel aged stout in freshly dumped Laws bourbon barrels.

Eclipse: Honeycomb image

Eclipse: Honeycomb

Bourbon barrel aged stout finished with generous amounts of local Sierra honey and aged in bourbon barrels.

Eclipse: Chocolate Malt image

Eclipse: Chocolate Malt

Bourbon barrel aged creamy stout with chocolate, vanilla, malted milk & lactose.

Eclipse: London Fog image

Eclipse: London Fog

Bourbon barrel aged stout with lactose, earl grey tea, honey & vanilla.

Eclipse: OTD Sierra Bourbon image

Eclipse: OTD Sierra Bourbon

Bourbon barrel aged stout aged in Old Trestle bourbon barrels.

Eclipse: Bourbon Barrel Cuvee image

Eclipse: Bourbon Barrel Cuvee

Stout aged in Blend of Brewers’ Favorite bourbon barrels.


"Hopski" Light Lager image

"Hopski" Light Lager

A traditional style American light lager, brewed with corn and rice. Finishes dry, with a touch of malt sweetness. Crisp and cold lagered for 8 weeks to ensure an absolutely clean profile and finish. 4.7%

Ain't Got No Soul

"Ain't Got No Soul" Hard Ginger Beer image

"Ain't Got No Soul" Hard Ginger Beer

A hybrid ale brewed with fresh ginger. It's soft bubbly profile, balanced by a moderate ginger spice, and a touch of sweetness. Makes it a crisp and refreshing beverage to be enjoyed on any occasion. 5%

JK Farmhouse
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